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Maybe I spoke too soon...

Went skiing yesterday. With this roller coaster weather we've been having, I relish each opportunity as though it might be my last!

But yesterday was gorgeous! Sunny, and perfect temps (although a brisk breeze was blowing over the river from the northwest).

I had hoped to take the bus out to Andrew Haydon Park and ski back along the river to Britannia Park.

But when we arrived, the entrance to the MUP was fenced off for some sort of construction (at least on the Andrew Haydon Park side of things--so much construction these days!), so instead we decided to ski around the park.

The park looks so different in winter! This is one of Mr JoyfulC's favourite places to picnic, so we often stop here for lunch, or pedal out there to eat our dinner on summer nights. sometimes there's live music in the pavilion.

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