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How to send me a video message

The content of your video message:

Simply tell me who you are (your first name is fine), and when you’d like to meet (if you have a specific time and date). Avoid anything of an explicit or potentially compromising nature. Never put anything in a video message that might embarrass you or me.


Using Google Workspace (the app formerly known as Duo):

  • Be sure that you have added me to your list of contacts.

  • Hit the button for “New Call,” and select me from your list of contacts.

  • Select “Message.” Hit the record button and record your video message.

  • Hit the record button again to stop recording.

  • Review your message. If you’re happy with it, hit “Send.” If not, hit “Rerecord.”


Using Whatsapp:

  • Start a new chat, and select me from your list of contacts.

  • Press the camera icon.

  • As per the instructions on your screen, hold the record button while recording your message.

  • If you are happy with your message, send it. If not, hit the X at the top of the screen to delete it, and try again.


If you are unwilling or unable to send me a Video Message, I offer several alternatives:

  • Provide me with your landline number, and the name it is listed under, so I can check it with directory assistance prior to phoning you. 

  • Provide me with your company name where I can phone the switchboard and ask for you by first and last name.

  • Provide me with your business name, as you are listed with directory assistance.

  • See me outcall at a hotel the first time






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